Traditions that have lasted for Generations


Seasoned beef that is hand trimmed and slowly cured. It is then rubbed with a traditional seasoning rub of coriander, garlic, and ground peppercorns. The pastrami is hung on racks, smoked, and cooked; truly tender and delicious. All choice briskets, navels, and rounds are used to produce the best pastrami you’ll ever eat.

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Pastrami Navels

Product Description
Navel Gold Label – black rub, oven smoked
Navel Silver Label – black rub
Navel black rub – no smoke
Navel red rub

Pastrami Briskets

Product Description
USDA Choice First Cut Pastrami Brisket
USDA choice 1st Cut Pastrami Brisket 10%
USDA choice 120 Cut Pastrami Brisket 10%

Pastrami Rounds

Product Description
Cap off Top Round Pastrami ABF Choice All Natural
Cap off Top Round Pastrami 10%
Cap off Top Round Pastrami 15%
Bottom Round Flat Strap-off Pastrami 10%
Bottom Round Flat Strap-off Pastrami 15%
Cap off Top Round with Isolated Soy Protein
Bottom Round Flat Strap-off with Isolated Soy Protein