Deli Brands of America Celebrates 90 Years

Press Release-Bellissimo Food Show
March 1, 2020


Saval Foods Corporation is celebrating 90 years in the food service distribution and processing business. Founded in 1932 by Harry and Flora Saval, the company is looking forward to celebrating the anniversary with their employees, customers and suppliers throughout the year.


“Now into its third and fourth generation, and blessed with talent and an unbridled energy in every area of our company, the future is bright for Saval Foodservice, Deli Brands of America, Atlantic Food Brokers and our newest division, 1932 Specialty Produce and Meats.” Paul L. Saval, President & CEO of Saval Foods Corporation.


Originally founded in Baltimore as a deli processor and deli distributor, all four of the founders’ sons, Albert, Howard, Leonard and Murray joined the business in the 1950’s and 60’s.  With the additional family involvement, in the 1960’s, Saval Foods moved into a larger processing facility in Baltimore and purchased a similar business in the Washington, DC market.


The third generation of Saval’s joined the company in the 1980’s with Paul L. Saval, taking over as President of the Corporation in 1999 and Jeffrey Saval becoming President of the company’s processing division, now called Deli Brands of America.   Under their leadership and backed by the leadership principles espoused in Fred Kofman’s book- Conscious Business- Saval Foodservice has grown into the region’s largest independent foodservice distributor, serving the area’s favorite delis, restaurants, country clubs, hotels and more. While Deli Brands of America is a national player in the deli and meat processing and slicing arena.


“Our grandfather was severely hearing impaired and started the business during the depression.  He set an example of how to overcome adversity.  Throughout our 90 year history, we have seen wars, recessions, weather calamities and now a pandemic.  These obstacles were challenges to overcome and opportunities to grow as people and as an organization.” Paul L. Saval.


Today, Saval Foods Corporation provides jobs to 300 employees, and actively supports industry and philanthropic organizations dedicated to serving the community. Vice President Brian Saval, son of Paul, has been instrumental in coordinating non-profit and community feeding partnerships since the onset of the pandemic. His dedication to the customers and employees of Saval is unwavering, and can be seen in his willingness to step in and do whatever is necessary to support the company goals.


“As we enter our 90th year in business, we would like to thank the community of foodservice and grocery supply chain customers that have supported us over this many years.  We have always been close to our customers and their needs, building truly relational customer service that continues to sustain us,” Paul L. Saval.


Saval Foodservice and Deli Brands are looking forward to hosting a 90th Anniversary Celebration on March 28, 2022, at the MDLive! Casino for their employees, customers and suppliers. The event will feature a Food Show, introducing its newest division- 1932 Specialty Produce and Meat from 1-6pm, followed by a party and entertainment headlined with a private musical performance by Bob Marley’s The Wailers.


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